All participants will receive a starting number and a steer board. These will be used in all the races (one or more) you will participate in.

You can get your starting number and steer board before the first race you participate in. For example: When you participate in all three races, you will get them at the prologue on Thursday. You can use them for the Coral Estate Classic and Duo Xtreme too.

On Thursday and Friday it is possible to pick up your number and board from two hours to half an hour before the start. Participants who only participate in the Duo Xtreme can pick up their starting number and board at the following times:

On Saturday:

10:00 – 12:00 Dasia Curaçao

15:00 – 16:00 Vista Bike

When picking up your starting number and driver board, you pay for all the races you will be participating in. Please pay in cash. You must sign the attendance list for each race you participate in, even if you already have a starting number and a board. On that way, we know who’s attending the race. If you do not sign the attendance list, you will not be taken in the results. Only the participants participating in all three races will be included in the overall classification.